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Qualitative Research & Facilitation

Bringing person-centeredness to qualitative research gives more weight & value to the respondent's role in the process & brings lightness of touch.

Services offered 

The full range of qualitative social & market research techniques on a freelance basis to research agencies, independent consultants & organisations involved in public participation - interviewing, moderation & facilitation.  I work with other independent consultants, partner staff members or as part of an in-house/mixed team.


Sensitive, personal & challenging issues including : health/physical/mental, bereavement/loss, culture/religion, crime/victimisation/abuse, addictions/substance misuse, benefits/debt, etc.

Vulnerable/hard to reach individuals including: children/youth, mental/physical health difficulties, learning disabilities, seriously/terminally ill, victims/offenders, etc.

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A person-centred (PCA) approach 

I believe a person-centred approach to qualitative research and facilitation is more ethical, socially responsible and beneficial to all involved - client, researcher & respondent:

  • To be open & honest about the research from the outset by clarifying the aims & objectives (genuine),

  • To communicate the importance & value of their contribution (unconditional positive regard),

  • To enable respondents to make fully informed choices about what they choose to disclose (accepting),

  • To be non-judgemental & respond appropriately (congruent) to what respondents share & be sensitive to their needs (empathy),

  • To support respondents through the research process, & to signpost, if and when necessary to relevant information, advice or support services.

'It brings lightness of touch.'

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Examples of some past projects


  •  Intervention evaluations of offending drug users at high risk of death (HO/OHID/MHCCG/DWP/MOJ) 

  • Criminal court experiences of victims/witnesses with mental health problems, learning disabilities & mental capacity issues (MOJ)


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Team work


  • Integrating marginalised communities (MHCLG) 

  • Supporting separated/separating parents (DWP)

  • Inspiring 11-14 year olds in deprived communities (BCLG)


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Elder woman and her caretaker


  • Young carers & the impact on their education (DfE)

  • End of life care & doctor assisted dying (BMA)

  • Children's & young people's voices (Covid Inquiry)


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