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Pre-Trial Therapy Training

QUAL Consultancy offers commissioned 'PTT' training workshops for therapists

& other interested parties across England & Wales.


This training advocates for a 'PTT informed approach' for all therapists & CJS stakeholders & once PTT informed to inform/educate others on current PTT guidance (CPS, 2022) whenever a lack of knowledge or understanding becomes evident. 


Training workshops are in-person for a full day for 6 - 20+ people (space dependent). 

The venue you provide ideally has breakout areas for syndicate work or enough space to spread out in a large room. 

Webinars*** can be provided on request to provide current PTT essentials, a fresher/update or a focus on particular aspects/issues.

Over the past 10 years workshops have been commissioned by counselling agencies/charities/other providers, including MIND,

NHS Trusts, Universities, Local Education Authorities, groups of counsellors who provide CPD for their local members

& informal groups of counsellors for themselves. 

Check out the testimonials and feedback below

Get in touch to discuss your needs


NOTE: If you don't wish to commission a workshop yourself, some commissioners welcome other counsellors from outside their

organisation/group as this helps to reduce their overall cost - what they charge is their decision, but it's usually c. £50 - 100 per person.

Get in touch & I'll let you know where workshops will take place that you may be able to join. 

Workshop objectives 

The objectives of the full workshop are to understand: 

  • The CPS PTT guidance - old & new, including the key differences - who is eligible, who decides, who to tell, when to start, what can be talked about, etc. & what aspects of the old guidance might still have some relevance

  • Implications for practice - do's & don'ts, e.g. confidentiality & contracting, disclosure consent, writing notes & initial/subsequent disclosures, responding to requests for notes, court preparation & support

  • Implications for clients & therapists if guidance followed/not, ​how to avoid the pitfalls & navigate dilemmas

  • The legal & ethical context & issues (a balancing act)

  • The need for a pro-active, multi-agency/disciplinary approach & ​where PTT fits in with other sources of support

  • How to empower rather than silence PTT clients 

  • The wider potential value of some PTT principles when working with clients who might appear in family/civil courts or the accused in criminal cases; also anyone who might might be involved in other legal interactions, such as inquires, tribunals,  asylum seekers, etc.

  • The main objectives of more focussed webinars*** will be dependent on your needs.

More about the workshops

Other things you might like to know before making an enquiry:

  • The in-person full workshop is informative interactive, with time for experiential exercises, discussion, reflection, Q&A


  • The session is contracted to ensure a safe learning & sharing environment & counts as 5hrs CPD

  • Pre-reading & post workshop resources are emailed to all attendees via the commissioners 


  • Extensive resources are available on the day for reference purposes & handouts are provided - 1 per person attending

  • Typically we meet at your chosen location at 9/9.15 for a 10am start, continuing until 4/4.30pm with am, lunch & pm breaks for your refreshments 


  • The heavy subsidised cost is £500 per workshop for charities & £800 for non-charitable organisations, plus a nominal charge for travel time from the Midlands


  • Expenses incurred such as travel, accommodation, subsistence, printing/postage, handouts, etc. at cost


  • The cost implications of any adaptions/additions to the full workshop, will be estimated following a discussion of your needs.

  • The cost of a webinar*** will depend on your needs & what you want included.

Recent testimonials & participant feedback 

Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 11.22.48.png

Sarah Kennedy, Lead Counsellor

Jersey Action Against Rape

‘’Jill exhibited a remarkable ability to convey complex therapeutic concepts with clarity and enthusiasm.  Her adept facilitation fostered an engaging & supportive learning environment for all who attended the day, contributing to the overall success of the pre-trial therapy training.

Her knowledge on 'Pre-Trial Therapy' shone through & it was clear she has true passion for the subject, which is why after thorough research we approached Jill to deliver this training to all our counsellors here at our rape & sexual assault counselling agency in Jersey & to other Counsellors/ Therapists on the island.
Feedback we received from all participants was incredibly positive & it was clear that everyone went away from the training fully equipped & knowledgeable around Pre-Trial Therapy.
We will indeed be approaching Jill again in the near future for more training opportunities’’. 
Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 11.25.30.png

Jess McDonald, Head of Content

@ ProblemShared

‘’Jill was fantastic to work with, she was helpful & responsive when organising a webinar for our community of practitioners.


She ran a flawless workshop which was extremely well received by our therapist’s, giving them much to think about in relation to their own personal practice’’.

Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 11.29.37.png

Julie Mitchelson

@ Warwickshire Counselling Centre

‘’The pre-trial therapy training Jill provided for us was informative & in depth, the content was delivered in an engaging & easy to understand format with examples to further embed the learning.

This training was ideal for our agency, one which works with both adults & children with a variety of presenting issues.’’

Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 11.31.11.png

Helen Beech, Counselling Coordinator

@ SAFA Cumbria

‘’Organisationally SAFA has been able to use the information & learning from the workshop to create contracts that reflect the opportunities as well as the limits when offering pre-trial therapy to clients who are involved in the criminal justice process.

The therapists at SAFA found the workshop very informative - the use of case studies gave them the opportunity to consider how to work ethically and compassionately with individuals, while considering the most up to date legislation when working with such clients.’’


The training in a nutshell:  highly recommended, 'informative, interactive & reflective', vital for all counsellors, essential knowledge everyone should have training on, a professional must, empowering for our clients, answered all my questions, ensures we work safely & ethically ...'

The trainer was: 'brilliant, engaging,  knowledgeable, skilled, professional, thought-provoking, easy to understand, friendly, approachable ...'


              The impact of the workshop:  'a clearer understanding of contracting, note & disclosure taking & handling requests for notes' ...

             'I feel PTT informed' ,... 'I feel empowered'...

          ' I feel less intimidated & more confident' ...         

      'I was in a forest without a map, but now I have a map'! 

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